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UCI is committed to promoting a family-friendly work and learning environment for breastfeeding mothers to help achieve success at work, school, and personal lives. By providing the necessary information and support, UCI is dedicated to helping those lactating to comfortably provide milk after returning to work or school. If you are visiting the UCI campus or a UCI Health location and would like access to the Lactation Rooms, please contact the UCI Employee Experience Center at


New – Enhanced Cleaning Services for UCI Campus Lactation Rooms as of June 2020

To support UCI employees and students as we begin re-engaging on-site operations at the UCI Campus, additional cleaning protocols for lactation rooms have been established:

  • Trash service: 5 days per week
  • Wipe and disinfect high touch points: 5 days per week 2 times per day
  • Spraying of disinfectant: 5 nights per weekCenter-based child care

Campus Lactation Improvement Project UPDATE:

UCI received approval and funds for the improvement and expansion of campus lactation rooms for FY 20/21, which includes adding 5 new rooms, implementation of minimum standards, and an update to Campus Standards & Design Criteria which will require a lactation room in each new building and major renovation on campus. The project was paused due to onsite restrictions but will resume Fall 2021. Questions? Contact Campus Wellness Coordinator, Lira Islam at

The UCI Campus has 16 campus lactation rooms for employees, students and guests. Rooms are locally managed by the school/department and may have limited access.
Click here for room locations including accessibility and contact information
Click here for an interactive map of UCI

  • Applied Innovation*
  • Center for Student Wellness and Health Promotion
  • Division of Continuing Education
  • Graduate Family Housing*
  • Human Resources
  • Infant and Toddler Center*
  • Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Building*
  • School of the Arts
  • School of Biological Sciences
  • School of Business
  • School of Humanities
  • School of Information and Computer Sciences*
  • School of Law*
  • School of Social Ecology
  • University Advancement*
  • Womxn's Center for Success

*Lactation room is limited to department/school’s employees, students, and visitors.


Starting March 1st, 2023, all returning employees must register for our Lactation Support Program to gain access to badge access lactation spaces. Please allow at least 5 BUSINESS DAYS from submission of form to gaining access to the space. All registrants may also redeem a FREE cooler bag from the Human Resources front desk (8th floor, 200 S Manchester Ave). 

Rooms are utilized on a first come, first served basis (no reservations required).


UCI Health has nine (9) lactation rooms throughout multiple UCI Health locations for employees and guests. Rooms are locally managed and may have limited access. See below for room access information. Click here for an interactive map of UCI


  • Douglas Hospital, Orange, Room 6004 (2 bays available)
    Badge access required – Must REGISTER in advance.
  • Douglas Hospital, Orange, Room 5409 (2 bays available)
    Badge access required – Must REGISTER in advance.
  • Douglas Hospital, Orange, Room 3409 (2 bays available)
    Badge access required – Must REGISTER in advance.
  • 200 Manchester Pavilion, 8th Floor, Suite 837
    Contact the Benefits Department at 714-456-5736 for key availabllity, Monday – Friday between 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Gottschalk Plaza, B35, Irvine, Room 1608
    Request key from receptionist desk. For use by staff and guests only.
  • Laguna Hills, Room 253
    Request key from practice manager.
  • Building 3, 3rd Floor, Room 3013
    Badge access required – Must REGISTER in advance. If badge does not work, go to B3SU and ask PCC to open.
  • Chapman Pavilion, 5th Floor (Room 5102)
    Badge access required – Must REGISTER in advance.
  • Chapman Pavilion, 6th Floor (Room 6108)
    Door is unlocked except while in use (user must lock from inside).


UCI Returning to Work Resources

UC Medical Plan Benefit Resources

UC medical plans provide a variety of breastfeeding support resources including nurse lines, counselors, and online programs to help you if you have questions about breastfeeding. If you are covered by a UC medical plan, breastfeeding support, supplies and counseling may be available at no cost. View breastfeeding resources from UC's medical plans.

Community Classes and Resources

Mobile Applications

Postpartum Mental Health Resources

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As part of our family-friendly policies and benefits, UCI supports breastfeeding mothers by accommodating the mother who wishes to express breast milk during her workday when separated from her newborn child.